La Fattoria di Pavia

Ogni giorno diamo alla gente quello che daremo ai nostri figli

the store

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In our store only zero km products.

All the fresh and genuine products of the farm are available in the farm shop, located inside the agriturismo.

Among the dairy products produced from raw milk at the dairy, there are various fresh and aged cheeses, special cheeses with herbs, olives, chilli peppers, walnuts and the “ubriaco” cheese (matured under grape must). In addition to cheeses, you can find yoghurt, stracchino, butter, ricotta, other various dairy products and, above all, the delicious mozzarella, the business’s centrepiece, produced and sold fresh three days a week: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Milk, dairy products, cheeses of only the ITALIAN PEZZATA ROSSA BREED.

The fresh seasonal vegetables or oil preserved or pickled vegetables, when no longer in season, are always available in the farm shop.

A variety of sausages and cured meats are available, and from October to April you can also find fresh pork products processed on the farm every week, such as sausages, chops, cotechino, ribs, etc.

The wines of the house, bottled, bag-in-box or bulk, are: Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Bianco, Sauvignon, Ribolla Gialla, Verduzzo, Prosecco DOC, sparkling Ribolla Gialla and our flagship wine, the sparkling rosé FATTOREffE.

The farmhouse beer, brewed directly from our barley, is a pale beer brewed with 100% Friulian (see barley malt (beer specifications).

Our digestifs: hay amaro, vermouth, and milk cream liqueur along with cherries in liqueur, perfect after any meal.

Photo Gallery

Below you will find some photos of the products that you can find at our store. Also perfect for a gift or for a Christmas basket with genuine and zero kilometer products.