La Fattoria di Pavia

Ogni giorno diamo alla gente quello che daremo ai nostri figli

Educational Farm

Our placemat for the little ones

The educational farm is not a tool for nostalgically recalling a past in ways that do not fit the present times, but instead it is a place for rediscovering emotionality through experiential tours.

The farm’s educational activities, besides making the farm multifunctional, have a strong social-cultural value, which aim at creating stable relationships between farms and the land, making farms true local environmental and food education centres.

Our farm is among the first in the region to have started educational farm projects with the aim of bringing young consumers closer to the rural world and creating a network of relations between them and local producers, who pass on their experience and knowledge, and encouraging the strengthening of connections between young people and their territory.

Presently the tour is “from milk to cheese” with a sensory taste workshop (including a break with farm products).

Our educational farm is accredited by ERSA and further information can be found on the ERSA website:

Educational offers for:

  • Kindergartens
  • Primary schools
  • High schools
  • Seniors
  • Disabled people
  • Secondary school internships.

Recommended period: March, April, May – morning hours.