La Fattoria di Pavia

Ogni giorno diamo alla gente quello che daremo ai nostri figli

The farm

The farm business comprises several sectors:

Dairy cattle breeding: heads of the Italian Pezzata Rossa breed, fed only with organic hay and fodder from the farm.

Pig breeding.

Cultivation of GMO-free cereals, including barley that is used to produce the farmhouse beer, seasonal vegetables, potatoes and a considerable production of white asparagus.

Pork meat is processed directly on the farm and milk is processed in the dairy, where it is not sold but simply turned into various cheeses and dairy products.

The winegrowing sector is also important, with an extensive wine production.



Our cows and our stables

Animal welfare is a key factor on our farm, where we have renovated the barn by expanding the space and installing a robotic milking system.

Agricultural productions and vegetables

Below you will find some photos of our farm. You will understand what we do, you will get to know our products and our animals. Over the years we have grown a lot: these photos are the best testimony.​

The plant that produces energy while respecting the environment

We produce our energy through a clean energy production plant that works by burning the wood chips resulting from the production of twigs.